Sentino’s Engine for Customizing Psychological Chatbots

Sentino’s Engine – Synthesis of Proprietary Solution with GPT Technologies

Sentino's Engine for Customizing Psychological Chatbots


Sentino offers a versatile engine for creating and customizing intelligent chatbots and contextual assistants in the realm of personality psychology. This engine is integrated with GPT technologies to leverage the strengths of both solutions. Sentino provides advanced psychological analytics by extracting comprehensive personality portraits from unstructured data, offering holistic and unbiased insights. GPT technologies enhance natural language processing by understanding and generating human-like text, enabling sophisticated dialogue interactions and large-scale data interpretation. The integration synergy offers advanced data interpretation, improved interaction quality, increased scalability, higher-level personalization, and continuous innovation.

Psychodiagnostic Chatbot – Basic Scenarios

Let’s explore the engine’s capabilities, exemplified by a chatbot for psychological diagnostics. However, let us note that this engine also allows for the implementation of other solutions based on the interviewing procedure.

The psychodiagnostic chatbot offers three basic scenarios to support psychological assessment and testing:

  • Personality trait testing.
    Evaluation of specific personality traits such as resilience or extraversion. With over 250 traits available for testing, users can gain detailed insights into their individual characteristics.
  • Standardized questionnaires.
    Comprehensive assessments using standardized personality inventories. The chatbot currently offers over 20 different questionnaires, with the flexibility to add more upon request.
  • User interaction analysis.
    Respond to users’ questions and statements by analyzing them to identify potential psychological issues or areas of interest. The chatbot then performs relevant tests based on the user’s input.

As each scenario runs, we store both user requests and statements addressed to the bot and their responses to test questions in a unique user profile. This profile is continuously updated and supplemented. Upon the completion of each logical block of the test or the entire testing procedure, the user receives a concise summary based on the assessment results, alongside with the option to delve into a comprehensive psychological profile. This profile is presented in a convenient format containing numerical values, text descriptions, and graphical diagrams. Data is stored in a reliable and secure manner. It is solely used for processing and providing test results to the user. In an anonymized form that eliminates the possibility of the data being linked to you personally, it is also used to train the model and further improve our technological solutions.

Supported Traits

With a comprehensive database comprising over 250 traits, Sentino possesses a remarkable capacity to assess a wide array of personality characteristics. Whether users seek to explore their strengths, uncover areas for development, or gain insights into their interpersonal dynamics, Sentino offers a rich and diverse palette of traits to explore. Its versatility extends beyond conventional adjectives (e.g. resilient, optimistic, etc.) and personality nouns (e.g. empathy, assertiveness, etc.) to encompass various roles (e.g. a good parent, an effective manager, etc.). Users can delve into traits associated with specific roles such as leadership, teamwork, or even unconventional roles aligned with individual goals. By considering traits in different contexts, Sentino gives highly personalized insights. Its vast collection of traits based on the IPIP item pool allows for deep analysis of human personality, providing users with a detailed understanding of themselves.

Available Inventories*

The selection and integration of scientifically validated personality inventories at Sentino represent a cornerstone of our commitment to providing robust and accurate personality analytics. Beyond the well-known assessments such as the Big Five and NEO personality inventories, Sentino incorporates a diverse range of methodologies to ensure comprehensive coverage of personality dimensions. These include the HEXACO, RIASEC, ORVIS and ORAIS, Abridged Big Five Dimensional Circumplex, California Psychological Inventory and DISC, among others. Each of our carefully selected inventories offers unique insights into different facets of an individual’s personality, allowing Sentino to construct a multifaceted portrait that captures nuances and complexities. By integrating these various instruments, we enhance the depth and accuracy of our analyses. The chatbot presently provides access to more than 20 distinct questionnaires, with the option to incorporate additional ones as needed.


Incorporating a wide range of validated methodologies and inventories, Sentino’s engine facilitates comprehensive personality assessments with accuracy and depth. By leveraging GPT technologies, it enhances natural language processing capabilities, enabling sophisticated dialogue interactions and large-scale data interpretation. The integration synergy fosters enhanced interaction quality, scalability, and continuous innovation. With its versatile diagnostic chatbot and extensive database of traits, Sentino offers personalized insights into various facets of human personality.

* Our testing methodology on the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), a comprehensive public domain collection of items that can be used for personality testing purposes. The IPIP is managed by the Oregon Research Institute and consists of over 3,000 items and more than 250 scales. These items have been constructed from the pool and are freely available for use. Researchers, practitioners, and those interested in personality assessment can access and utilize these items without permissions or fees.

Personality inventories proposed by Sentino are based on the IPIP item collection and may slightly differ from their official versions. If you’re interested in exploring the IPIP items and scales, you can find them on the official IPIP website. Remember that no personality tests are administered directly on that site. It’s purely a resource for accessing the items and scales.

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