Abridged Big Five Dimensional Circumplex

Abridged Big Five Dimensional Circumplex Facets

The Abridged Big Five-Dimensional Circumplex (AB5C) Facets were developed by Bucher and Samuel in 2019. The AB5C Facets model is a comprehensive framework that organizes personality traits into 45 facets. It is derived from the lexical tradition and builds upon the Five-Factor Model (FFM), also known as the Big Five. The AB5C model represents five broad domains of personality: Extraversion versus Introversion, Agreeableness versus Antagonism, Conscientiousness versus Undependability, Neuroticism versus Emotional Stability, and Openness versus Closedness to Experience. These domains are further divided into facets, which capture more specific aspects of each trait. The circumplex planes are partitioned into segments of 30° each, inserting additional factors at angles of 30° and 60° with each of the basic factors. The AB5C algorithm assigns a variable to a segment bisectrix, and it gives the length of the projection of the variable.

For Individuals:

  • Structured understanding of own personality traits and their relations to the broader domains
  • Gaining insights into unique patterns of behavior, strengths, and areas for growth
  • Personal development, self-reflection, and fostering better self-awareness

For Companies:

  • Enhanced personnel selection and management processes
  • Deeper understanding of their individual strengths and potential challenges in the workplace
  • Identification of suitable candidates for specific roles based on their personality profiles
  • Team formation, career development, improving employee satisfaction and performance

The Abridged Big Five-Dimensional Circumplex (AB5C) Facets provide a comprehensive and organized framework for understanding personality traits, offering valuable insights for personal growth, self-awareness, and enhancing selection and management processes in organizations.

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