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Comprehensive Psychological Analysis of LinkedIn Profiles

According to Psychology Today, approximately 80% of Fortune 500 companies use personality tests to assess employees. While more companies turn to personality tests to understand their people and make thoughtful decisions, Sentino Personality API is able to make a significant contribution and extract valuable personality data from LinkedIn profiles without a dedicated testing procedure.

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented online service focused on professional and business relationships. The platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development. It operates via websites and mobile apps and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and connect with each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. As of February 2022, LinkedIn has 830+ million registered members from over 200 countries. Links to LinkedIn profiles are often provided instead of traditional CVs in the process of job search and application for positions.

psychological assessment of a LinkedIn profile

Get multifaceted
personality portraits based
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The whole process of psychological assessment of a LinkedIn profile includes just four easy steps, but its results are really impressive!

Step 1 – Link Submission

Sentino LinkedIn Profile Analysis - Link submission page
Fig. 1 – LinkedIn Link Provision

Our development team has designed a dedicated user-friendly interface for Sentino API. It is called Sentino Dashboard and operated just in several clicks. Copy and paste a link to the LinkedIn profile of the person of interest into the Dashboard, press “Submit“, and relax – we will automate all the subsequent challenging tasks for you!

Step 2 – LinkedIn Profile Processing

Sentino API is a data-driven, AI-powered service. We have integrated vast psychological data and built a natural language interface for it. We have trained our models using the state-of-art NLP stack (e.g. Spacy, Transformers) and continuously keep researching and updating the models, striving for higher accuracy.

Sentino Personality API extracts text from the LinkedIn profile and starts its mining. It splits the text into individual sentences and chunks and classifies them as psychological or demographic items. After, it groups all and any psychological items so that they can contribute to the comprehensive psychological portrait of the person.

Step 3 – Personality Portrait Generation

The innovative Sentino solution builds a multi-dimensional psychological vector space based on 20+ scientifically validated personality inventories (BIG-5, NEO, BFAS, RIASEC, DISC, etc.) or other suitable scales pre-chosen by you. The person is represented as a vector in this vector space and can be easily projected onto traits and facets. The comprehensive personality portrait is clearly structured and comprises numerical score, graphical representation, text description, and recommendations.


Numerical values show the individual’s score for each of separate traits or test dimensions. Quantitative results are submitted in an easy-to-use infographic form and supported by the statistical confidence level determined for each individual numerical value.

Graphical Representation

BIG 5 Personality Profile by Sentino - Spider Diagrams
Fig. 2 – BIG 5 Personality Profile. Diagram
Personal Skills Projection by Sentino - Linear Diagram
Fig. 3 – Personal Skills. Diagram

Based on prior agreement with you, we plot various types of graphs and diagrams illustrating the individual’s score, correlations and interdependencies between traits and facets, as well as the comparison of the particular profile with other profiles of real persons or an “ideal” person, as the case can be.

Text Description

BIG 5 Personality Profile by Sentino - Text description
Fig. 4 – Personality Profile. Text Description

The text report contains a brief general description of people scoring high or low on the relevant trait (depending on the particular score values received) and adds individual peculiarities characterizing the person under study in more derail.


Employee Integration and Engagement - HR Tips
Fig. 5 – Employee Integration and Engagement Tips

Based on the score and other report components, we generate our recommendations, the so called “do’s” and “don’ts” that can form the basis for decisions related to HR management or consulting.

Please note that ethical approach to AI employment requires adhering to fundamental values like individual rights, privacy, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation. That is why AI should not be used as a single assessment tool. Best practices stipulate its application in conjunction with other sources of information and human judgement.

Following the completion of the portrait generation, you will receive a correspondent e-mail notification from Sentino LinkedIn Personality API. After that, you can easily download this portrait from Sentino Dashboard. Portrait files are available in two formats – .csv or .json. Our state-of-the-art solution offers a possibility of regular portrait updates upon the availability of new data.

AI-powered benefits for HR

Step 4 – Enjoying Benefits

Stay up to date with Sentino, save time and money, and enjoy your benefits:

  • No time-consuming dedicated testing procedure
  • Scientifically proven and validated psychological data
  • Transparency of results substantiated by raw data
  • Statistical confidence level for each personality-related finding
  • Unbiased and informed decisions made on reliable basis
  • Guess-work exclusion
  • Automation of repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Streamlining of the entire work process
  • Higher productivity and job satisfaction of HR specialists

“Hiring the right person for a job often consists of factors that go way beyond skills, knowledge, experience, and professional expertise. Personality profiling helps us to realize if the personal and cultural visions of our company and an employee are aligned, at least to a reasonable extent,”
Ihor Shcherbinin, Director of Recruitment at DistnatJob.

Get comprehensive personality profiles without a dedicated
testing procedure

Personality portraits based on profiles in social media - Sentino API

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