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Sentino API for Interview Scoring

Interview Scoring is one of our most popular services that puts AI at the disposal of HR specialists. Does your range of responsibilities include employee screening and selection? Are you interested in a high quality of hiring decisions? If so, please continue reading. We have a useful HR tool that effectively streamlines recruitment process and helps to make practical and reliable hiring decisions.

Make unbiased hiring decisions
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Step 1 – Interview Recording

Based on prior applicant’s concent, make a video or audio record of the screening interview with him/her and file this record to us. We will automate a repetitive and tedious analysis task for you.

Step 2 – Interview Processing

During the Interview Processing phase, we use AI speech recognition tools to convert audio and video content into transcripts and employ those for text mining. The text data is accurately scored with the help of Sentino API.

Step 3 – Personality Profiling

You will receive the applicant’s personality profile based on the BIG-5, NEO, BFAS or other suitable validated and globally recognized psychological scale. This profile will be issued in a clearly arranged form comprising numerical score, graphical representation, brief but insightful test description, and recommendation


Numerical values show the applicant’s score for each of individual traits or test dimensions. Quantitative results are submitted in an easy-to-use infographic form.

Graphical Representation

Based on prior agreement with the customer, we plot various types of graphs and diagrams illustrating the applicant’s score, correlations and interdependencies between individual traits and facets, as well as the comparison of the applicant’s profile with that of an “ideal” candidate for a position under consideration, and many more.

Text Description

The text report contains a brief general description of people scoring high or low on the relevant trait (depending on the particular applicant’s score) and adds some individual peculiarities characterizing the applicant in more derails.


Based on the score and other reports, we generate our recommendations, the so called “do’s” and “don’ts” that can be useful for making a final hiring or promoting decision at the very end of the screening and selection process.

However, please take into consideration that AI-powered personality assessment tool cannot be used alone. Instead, you should obtain and consider the data from different sources in order to receive a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s personality.

Step 4 – Enjoy Your Benefits

Based on the data received, make a final hiring decision and enjoy your benefits.

When using Sentino Interview Scoring API you receive the following advantages:

  • Scientifically proven and validated psychological tools
  • Unbiased recruitment
  • Informed and reliable hiring or promotion decisions
  • Guess-work exclusion
  • Automation of repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Streamlining of the recruitment process
  • Higher productivity and job satisfaction

Get personality insights
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