SentinoBot – Dynamic Profiling

Recently, our development team has introduced the SentinoBot solution for Dynamic Personality Profiling. This intelligent chatbot is intended for quick automated processing of vast customer databases and intelligent dynamic generation of additional and clarifying questions. Thus, it is able to detect psychologically relevant data wherever it’s available and reveal personality insights even if the data is […]

Sentino – Underlying Tech Stack

“Sentino is an AI-powered semantic text analysis tool built to provide comprehensive psychological portrait of target audience. It is served as an API.” But what exactly is meant by this wording? Our development, marketing and sales specialists are frequently asked several questions related to our services and their underlying technologies. This article is purposefully written to give brief answers to all these topical questions.

What Is AI/ML/NLP?

A powerful trio of technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing – has only commenced its commercialization journey within industries and business operations. Today they can be viewed as a new standard set in research, development, and engineering of up-to-date technical solutions. They are actively employed in our world, but often people aren’t even aware of it.

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