Emotion Detection API

Emotions have a huge impact on our behavior

Automatically detect and measure emotions in your text

Come to know your users, customers, partners,
and employees better

Why to use the Emotion Detection API?

  • Enhance your social listening strategy and get a deep understanding of your target audience. Go beyond the positive/negative categorization. Truly listen to your audience, study its needs, interests, and preferences.
  • Prevent and manage crises with real-time alerts for utmost customer experience.
  • Identify and address services that demand improvement.
  • Automatically detect messages from disappointed clients to prioritize their requests.
  • Make your chat-bot empathetic. Detect emotions instantly and offer an automated sympathetic response that takes into account the person’s emotional state.
  • Track the emotional state of your employees to avoid burnout and conflict.

Know emotional state of people
important to your business

Recognize and measure up to 14 emotions

Our Emotion Detection API is emotionally intelligent. It scores any unstructured texts stored in your IT system in the digital form, recognizes and measures up to 14 emotions. You can use the following texts as your data source: posts in social media, tweets, emails, reviews, chat history, forum or blog posts, transcribed video and audio records, call transcripts, CV, surveys and many more…

Sentino Emotion Detection API:

  • Employs AI and NLP powered by Machine Learning algorithms
  • Can be easily integrated into any system to get real-time responses

Our NLP models have been trained on more than a billion documents and ensure utmost accuracy

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  • We follow the GDPR guidelines to the last word
  • We do not rely on third-party services. The data is all yours

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