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Sentino API for Applicant Tracking and Recruitment Platforms

Sentino API for Applicant Tracking and Recruitment Platforms

In contemporary business world, success is intricately tied to understanding and engaging customers. Nowhere is this more evident than in Applicant Tracking and Recruitment.

The Sentino’s revolutionary solution is set to reshape how HR software developers approach personality assessment and data collection. Powered by cutting-edge AI/NLP technologies and backed by scientifically validated personality inventories, it offers a comprehensive toolkit for extracting invaluable personality insights.

Sentino API for Personal Development and Coaching Platforms

Sentino API for Personal Development and Coaching Platforms

Currently, personalization stands as a pivotal factor revolutionizing meaningful interactions. Among these transformative domains, personal development and coaching platforms hold significant promise.

Sentino, at the forefront of innovation, offers cutting-edge Sentino API for Personal Development and Coaching Platforms, specifically crafted to surmount the challenges of extracting all-encompassing personality insights and nurturing an unceasing journey of self-improvement.

Sentino API for Educational and E-Learning Platforms

Sentino API for E-learning Platforms

In the realm of education and e-learning, where personalized learning experiences are paramount, Sentino emerges as a trailblazer with its groundbreaking Personality Analytics solutions.

The fusion of cutting-edge AI technologies and deep psychological insights offers an unprecedented avenue to enhance engagement, tailor content delivery, and empower learners on their educational journeys. Innovative approach, powered by the Sentino API for Educational and E-Learning Platforms creates a new era of personalized education.

Sentino API for Dating Apps and Relationship Platforms

Sentino API for Dating Apps

In the realm of modern dating and relationship platforms, where compatibility and meaningful connections are paramount, Sentino emerges as a transformative force with its revolutionary Personality Analytics solutions.

By amalgamating cutting-edge AI technologies with deep psychological insights, Sentino offers a game-changing avenue to enhance compatibility assessments, foster genuine connections, and empower individuals on their journey towards meaningful relationships.

Big 5 Personality Testing API

Big Five Personality Testing API from Sentino

Unlike most Big 5 testing tools, Sentino API requires no questionnaires. Perform personality assessment based on semantic text analysis powered by AI, ML, NLP technologies.

Feed the personality API with any type of authored text, such as tweets, blog posts, emails, chats, resumes, videos and call recordings to get an actionable language-based personality profile.

Interview Scoring API

Sentino Interview Scoring API

Interview Scoring is one of our most popular services that puts AI at the disposal of HR specialists. Does your range of responsibilities include employee screening and selection? Are you interested in a high quality of hiring decisions?

We have a useful HR tool that effectively streamlines recruitment process and helps to make practical and reliable hiring decisions.

Vocational Profiling API

Vocational Profiling API

People often overlook, ignore or underestimate the importance of vocational profiling and counseling for career choices. Career experts play a significant role in appropriate career selection and planning, but conventional manual methods of vocational profiling prove to be inefficient and ineffective.

Make the difference with your passion for technology and boost up performance – choose the intelligent Sentino solution!

LinkedIn Personality API

Sentino LinkedIn Personality API

According to Psychology Today, approximately 80% of Fortune 500 companies use personality tests to assess employees.

While more companies turn to personality tests to understand their people and make thoughtful decisions, Sentino LinkedIn Personality API is able to make a significant contribution and extract valuable personality data from LinkedIn profiles without a dedicated testing procedure.

Emotion Detection API

Emotion Detection API

Our Emotion Detection API is emotionally intelligent. It scores any unstructured texts stored in your IT system in the digital form, recognizes and measures up to 14 emotions.

You can use posts in social media, tweets, emails, reviews, chat history, forum or blog posts, transcribed video and audio records, call transcripts, CV, surveys, etc.

Sentiment Analysis API

Sentiment Analysis API

Sentiment Analysis is the way to evaluate how someone feels about a certain given subject and how strong that feeling is. It focuses on the polarity of a text, but can also detect specific feelings and emotions, urgency and intentions.

Sentiment analysis API allows companies and individual divisions to better understand real feelings of their customers, partners, and employees.

Use AI-powered semantic text analysis
to get personality insights

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