Welcome to Sentino

Everybody at some point in their lives is wondering who they are, what for they are born into this world, what feelings guide them through their lives. If you are interested in these questions, you are at the right place.

We are glad to present Sentino to you. Sentino is a psychological project dedicated to help people in self-exploration and self-understanding.

Sentino uses the latest studies and technologies in Personality Psychology, Natural Language Processing and Deep Neural Networks.

Sentino is user-friendly. You can communicate with our SentinoBot or use other Tools any time and place you like and get accurate and objective results.


Sentino API is a data-driven, AI-powered service built to provide insights into one's personality. There are two main levels it operates on: item and person. An item is simply a statement about one's self that usually starts with a personal pronoun I/My (e.g. "I am an introvert." or "My mood changes a lot.").

Person API moves the analysis to the next level: from items to person, thus providing insights on a person level. Person is defined as a collection of facts (items with responses).

All end-points of Sentino API are explained in details with examples are provided.

Please try these Sentino Tools to explore the main functionality or simply jump directly to Self-Description Analysis to some functionality it in action.

SentinoBot is AI-powered psychological bot, designed to understand people.

In the core of the bot there is a huge dataset of the most reliable personality tests. The results are processed in such a way that you get not only your personal result, but see how it is related to other people’s results. For example, if your result on extraversion is 60% it means that you are more extraverted than 60% of the population.

Another function of the bot is the one that makes it outstanding: it can understand and process human language when it comes to describing personality. So, if you ask SentinoBot questions about yourself, it can make some predictions on your personality traits.

Just stop by for a few minutes and say "Hi"

Answer a couple of questions and get your psychological profile. The more questions you answer, the more detailed profile you get. There are several steps (each of them will take about 7 minutes to complete):

  • Big5 Portrait. It will show how extraverted, agreeable, neurotic, conscientious and open to new experience you are.
  • 10 factors of Big5. Each of Big5 psychological traits can further be divided into 2 factors, altogether there will be 10 factors. If we take conscientiousness, for example, you will see how industrious and orderly you are.
  • 30 facets. Each of Big5 psychological traits contains 6 specific aspects, known as facets. Altogether, there will be 30 facets. If we take agreeableness, for instance, you will discover whether you are trusting, moral, sympathetic, altruistic, cooperative and modest, or not.
  • Adjective cloud. Your personality will be pictured as an adjective cloud.

We develop psychological tools that will assist you in self-studying.

Check it out! Start with Self-Description Analysis. Describe yourself in a couple of sentences and see how the raw text can be processed into meaningful structures.