Advanced psychological analytics for software product developers

AI-powered Personality Profiling

Seamlessly integrate Sentino API into your software platforms, gain a comprehensive understanding of individual personalities from interviews and any unstructured data, make unbiased personality-related decisions.

Sentino AI-powered Personality Profiling - Psychological API for Software Product Developers

Our Products

Sentino utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to analyze and decode the hidden personality insights:

Sentino API - Psychological Profiling for Software Product Developers

Easily integrate advanced personality analytics into your existing platform, gain a comprehensive understanding of personalities, make unbiased decisions.

Sentino Chatbot - Psychological Profiling for Software Product Developers

Be proactive and leverage a fleet of intelligent chatbots to ask informative and relevant questions, providing you with valuable personal insights.

Sentino Personality Profile Tracker - Psychological Profiling for Software Product Developers

Create psychological profiles of individuals, constantly keep them up to date with new testing results, and track meaningful psychological changes over time.

Sentino Interview Analysis Tool - Psychological Profiling for Software Product Developers

Analyze texts of interviews and free dialogues to generate comprehensive personality portraits without a dedicated psychological testing procedure.

Our Solutions

Learn more about the most popular Sentino solutions:

Interview Scoring is one of our most popular services that puts AI at the disposal of HR specialists. Does your range of responsibilities include employee screening and selection? Are you interested in a high quality of hiring decisions? We have a useful tool that effectively streamlines the recruitment process and helps to make practical and unbiased hiring decisions.

Big % Personality Testing API

Unlike most Big 5 testing tools, Sentino API requires no questionnaires. Perform personality assessment based on semantic text analysis powered by AI/NLP technologies. Feed the personality API with any type of authored text, such as tweets, blog posts, emails, chats, resumes, videos, and call recordings to get an actionable language-based personality profile.

LinkedIn Personality API

Approximately 80% of Fortune 500 companies use personality tests to assess employees. While more companies turn to personality tests to understand their people and make thoughtful decisions, Sentino LinkedIn Personality API is able to make a significant contribution and extract valuable personality data from LinkedIn profiles without a dedicated testing procedure.

Vocational Profiling API

People often underestimate the importance of vocational profiling for career choices. Career experts play a significant role in appropriate career selection and planning, but conventional manual methods of vocational profiling prove to be inefficient and ineffective. Make the difference with your passion for technology and boost up your performance with Sentino.

Emotion Detection API

Our Emotion Detection API is truly emotionally intelligent. It carefully and reliably scores any unstructured digital text data stored in your IT system to precisely recognize and measure up to 14 emotions. You can use posts in social media, tweets, emails, reviews, chat history, forum or blog posts, transcribed video and audio records, call transcripts, CV, surveys, and many more.

Sentiment Analysis API

Sentiment Analysis is the way to evaluate how someone feels about a certain given subject and how strong that feeling is. It focuses on the polarity of a text, but can also detect specific feelings and emotions, urgency and intentions. Sentiment analysis API allows companies and individual divisions to better understand real feelings of their customers, partners, and employees.

Benefits of Using Sentino Personality AI

Benefits of Using Sentino Personality AI

1. Cutting-Edge AI and Personality Psychology Combined

Unlock the power of innovative AI technologies intertwined with personality psychology for unparalleled insights.

2. All-in-One Personality Analytics Platform

Experience a comprehensive and universal platform that analyzes personalities from various sources, providing proactive data collection and tracking.

3. Seamless Free-Form Dialogue Generation

Our in-house personality analytics, along with ChatGPT capabilities, enable effortless generation of free-form dialogues.

4. Empowering Human Interventions and Decision-Making

Receive holistic, unbiased psychological reports with sorting and ranking options to make crucial decisions confidently.

5. Transparent and Validated Results

Our AI-driven results are fully transparent, backed by raw data, eliminating the mystery of the “black-box” approach.

6. High Confidence in Reliable Insights

Rely on our rigorously trained algorithms, ongoing research, and statistical confidence values to achieve high confidence in individual personality-related findings.

7. Real-Time Scalability

Our scalable architecture efficiently handles massive data volumes almost in real-time, ensuring swift and efficient processing.

Integrate Sentino in Your Workflow

Sentino is designed to be used in a range of different workflows and integrations.
Discover how it seamlessly enhances HR management, E-Learning, Dating and Coaching Platforms
with accurate, holistic, and unbiased personality analytics.
Get an AI-powered solution from Sentino specifically tailored to your unique needs:

HR tracking and recruitment - Sentino AI-powered Personality Profiling

– Improved alignment between the person, the job, and the company.
– Holistic and in-depth understanding of individuals’ psychology and personality.
– Unbiased and reliable hiring choices made by human.

Personal Development and Coaching Platforms - Sentino AI-powered Personality Profiling

– Comprehensive personality portraits for better self-awareness.
– Selection of coaching programs based on individual strengths and areas for improvement.
– Personalized recommendations for self-development.

Dating Apps and Relationship Platforms  - Sentino AI-powered Personality Profiling

– Personality assessment as a basis for matching compatible individuals.
– Enhanced user satisfaction and engagement.
– Increased likelihood of successful connections.

Education and E-Learning Platforms - Sentino AI-powered Personality Profiling

– Learner personality profiles based on integrated psychological testing.
– Personalized learning experiences and adaptive content delivery.
– Improved student engagement and academic success rates.

Let Your Data Work for You with Sentino API

  • Effortlessly extract comprehensive personality portraits
  • Analyse free communications and interview contents
  • Proactively collect personality data
  • Boost up personalization level of your business
Sentino Personality API

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Sentino Interview API: Holistic Personality Portraits

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