Oregon Vocational Interest Scales (ORVIS)*

Oregon Vocational Interest Scales (ORVIS) - Sentino

The Oregon Vocational Interest Scales were created by Goldberg in the year 2006 as a comprehensive measure of vocational interests. The ORVIS assesses eight dimensions of vocational interest. These dimensions include Leadership, Organization, Altruism, Creativity, Analysis, Producing, Adventuring, and Erudition. The first five ORVIS scales align with Holland’s (1973) “RIASEC” interest types, specifically Enterprising, Conventional, Social, Artistic, and Investigative. The next two scales, Producing and Adventuring, originate from a division of Holland’s Realistic interest type, as operationalized in two Orientation scales from the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS). Finally, the Erudition scale measures interests in scholarly activities, which were found to be distinct from the remaining CISS Orientations.

The development of the ORVIS scales involved correlating items from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) and the Behavioral Report Inventory (BRI) with the CISS and conducting factor analyses to identify the eight dimensions. These scales aim to capture important individual differences in vocational interests and provide a construct-driven measure for assessment.

For Individuals:

  • Detailed understanding of vocational preferences and inclinations
  • Informed career decisions
  • Going beyond traditional vocational inventories by incorporating an additional dimension, “Erudition”, which captures important individual differences previously unavailable in similar assessments

For Companies:

  • Comprehensive and empirically validated insights into vocational preferences
  • Matching individuals’ vocational interests with specific job roles, better alignment between employees and their positions
  • Facilitation of targeted talent management and fostering a more productive and engaged workforce

Based on an individual’s responses to the ORVIS questions, it is possible to generate a detailed report and provide suggestions for potential careers that align with their interests. In addition, it is also possible to provide valuable insights into an individual’s personality and how it may impact their workplace inter-personal relationships.

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We use the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) for our testing approach. It’s a collection of items managed by the Oregon Research Institute, freely available to the public. This tool helps us assess personality traits, and because it’s open-source, it promotes broad research and practical use.

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