Sentino as an Alternative for IBM Watson

IBM Watson Personality Insights vs Sentino – Comparative Analysis

Sentino Personality API

Since IBM Watson Personality Insights (IBM Watson API) has been shut down, you might be searching for a replacement.

Please meet our Sentino API, an AI-driven service with broader capabilities in the realm of personality.

Just like IBM Watson API, Sentino API uses AI, NLP and Deep Neural Networks for humanly precise understanding of any text. However, we employ a completely different analytical approach. We have developed our API based on the cutting-edge technology of semantic text analysis, while the Watson’s tool utilizes the linguistic approach.

Advantages of Sentino API

The fundamental difference mentioned above brings us a wide range of advantages:

  • We work with unstructured texts of any volume from any relevant source
  • We can provide personality insights for just one person or a big group of people
  • We offer a wide range of psychological scales (like BIG 5 and etc.) and can easily add any new (but properly validated) one by the request
  • The number of output personal characteristics is also not limited (there are about 250 traits now and their number is growing)
  • We do not use the “black box” principle and always have a transparent and reasonable explanation for all the reported findings
  • We are able to specify the statistical confidence level for any result obtained
  • We use a scientific unbiased approach and can ensure better protection of personal rights
  • We are able to create a detailed psychological report or a personal profile that you can regularly update and enrich with new data
  • Currently, we use English and Portuguese, but are able to add any other language by the request almost in no time
  • We adhere to GDPR principles and do not take into possession or store your data (it is all yours).

Advantages of IBM Watson Personality Insights

At the same time, we have managed to preserve all the best features of IBM Watson Personality Insights:

  • A wide range of application fields (HR, sales, advertising, marketing, CRM, education, dating and many more) and use cases
  • Personality insights for both self-exploration and self-awareness and better understanding of customers, competitors, partners, and employees
  • Using of AI speech recognition to convert audio and video content into transcripts and employ those for text mining.

So, trying the Sentino alternative is, obviously, the right choice.

Use Sentino API to extract actionable insights about deep, underlying personality traits of your target audience and study its communication style. We can help you to foster effective personalization in any application field.

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