Career Coaching – Employability Enhancement

Advanced Career Coaching through AI-Driven Personality Analysis

Career Coaching – Employability Enhancement

Career coaching can benefit everyone, as it helps individuals tap into their full potential, navigate the complexities of the modern workforce market, and enhance their own employability. Whether feeling stuck in a current career, considering a change, seeking better work-life balance, or aiming for professional growth, career coaching provides valuable support and guidance to individuals at all levels.


Career coaching professionals face challenges in comprehensively assessing their clients’ personalities and providing tailored guidance for career development. Traditional methods may lack efficiency and depth, leading to suboptimal outcomes for clients seeking career advancement or transition. Moreover, manual assessment processes are time-consuming and may not capture the nuances of individual personalities accurately.


Sentino offers a solution with its Personality Analytics API tailored for career coaching. This API enables career coaches to gain deep insights into their clients’ personalities, facilitating individualized career guidance and coaching strategies.

Gain Comprehensive Personality Analytics

Input various unstructured data like self-descriptions, the client’s interviews, and assessments or employ the Sentino’s inbuilt personality testing capabilities.

Advanced AI algorithms will analyze the provided data, extracting personality traits and characteristics and generating a comprehensive personality portrait of the client.

Set Goals and Design Step-by-step Career Plans

Collaborate with the client to discover their strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, and career aspirations, then input this data into the API.

Sentino API will provide insights into suitable career paths, skill development opportunities, and training needs aligned with the client’s personality profile.

Improve Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles

Feed our API with the client’s resume and/or LinkedIn profile.

Highlight the client’s distinctive qualities and strengths effectively. Match their personality with their professional image to boost visibility and attract potential employers or networking contacts.

Develop Job Search Strategies

Utilize validated, scientifically-backed surveys to grasp your client’s personality and communication preferences more thoroughly.

Offer personalized job search tactics designed around the client’s personality traits and strengths, utilizing personality analysis to craft successful job-hunting strategies.

Prepare for Job-search Interviews

Utilize the API to upload a comprehensive psychological profile alongside detailed company and job vacancy descriptions.

Get a role-playing interview template to improve interview skills like body language, communication, and answering common and job-related questions.

Advance Careers in the Long Term

Submit the client’s personality profile along with their short-term and long-term career goals to the API.

Develop a tailored career plan with continuous skill-building and training options, alongside strategies for advancing in the client’s career.


Benefits of using Sentino

Using Sentino’s Personality Analytics API in career coaching offers several benefits:

  • Gain deeper insights into clients’ personalities for more effective coaching.
  • Tailor career advice and strategies to match individual personality traits and career goals.
  • Streamline the coaching process with automated personality analysis, saving time and resources.
  • Help clients achieve greater career satisfaction and success by aligning their career paths with their personalities.
  • Ensure ethical use of AI in career coaching by combining algorithmic insights with human judgment and ethical considerations.

By leveraging Sentino’s Personality Analytics API, career coaches can elevate their coaching practices, empowering clients to make informed career decisions and achieve their professional aspirations.

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