Customized Service Packages

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We meticulously curate personalized service packages, thoroughly aligning them with your unique requirements. We work in close collaboration with you to establish a pricing structure that reflects the scope of services and features you need. For your convenience, we also offer the following standardized service plans with fixed prices.

Standard Plans & Pricing




Free access for one user for 7 days

5 personality profiles
(chatbot* included)

Basic profile content

Support within 72h



per month

For small teams and medium-sized organizations

50 personality profiles per month
(chatbot* included)

Basic profile content

Support within 48h



per month

For big organizations or advanced service scope

750 personality profiles per month
(chatbot* included)

Enriched profile content

Support within 24h

* Proactively collect personality data using a fleet of our psychological chatbots.

Note: Prices are subject to change and may vary based on the volume and complexity of the data processing requirements.

Do you have any specific requirements
or need extra processing speed and data protection level?

Please reach out to receive your personalized demo and pricing proposal!

Sentino API for Academic Users

As we are dedicated to supporting individual researchers in the realm of personality psychology and academic communities. Please Contact Us and we will grant you free access to Sentino API in its basic configuration.

Explore Our API Documentation

Sentino API is a data-driven, AI-powered service built to provide personality insights.

Its key idea is to transform any type of information into psychologically meaningful representation. You will be able to transform or score texts and individual facts about a person into various scientifically proven inventories. Also, you would be able to create a psychological profile of a person and continuously update it, by adding new information.

All the API end-points are explained here in all the details with the relevant code examples.

Take the advantage of our special offer

Please Contact Us to learn more about our premium-class offer.

By the request, we are ready to deploy a customised solution directly at the premises of your company or organisation. We will install API clients on your computers. After, we will perform all the necessary work related to API configuration, setting, and testing in its real working environment.

This is our comprehensive turnkey service package that brings you added value.

Do you still have any unresolved questions?

We are always here to provide answers to them!

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