A Fleet of Psychological Chatbots at Your Disposal

Quick Start Guide

A Fleet of Psychological Chatbots

Our fleet of psychological chatbots is spearheading a revolutionary shift in the realm of personality assessment, powered by automation. This scalable AI-driven solution embodies our strategic vision for proactive data collection. By shouldering the additional workload of organizing the psychological assessment process, these bots alleviate the burden on staff members.

The solution facilitates the efficient interviewing of a vast number of individuals through a set of pre-prepared questions. Moreover, it boasts a dynamic component that mimics the natural flow of human conversation. Therefore, our chatbots enable the inclusion of follow-up and clarifying inquiries. The product also possesses the capability to address respondents’ queries and provide relevant information.

We meticulously and accurately extract psychologically significant information from respondents’ answers to questions. This applies even when the questions themselves are not specifically related to psychology. We use a collection of well-established scientific personality questionnaires to create a comprehensive personality profile. Additionally, we deliver the assessment results in a user-friendly format, including textual descriptions and graphical representations, to both the respondent and the assessment team.

While primarily designed for HR teams engaged in talent acquisition across diverse positions, this product has also achieved success in various other industries like:

  • Mental Health Companions/Advisors
  • Dating Apps
  • Fraud Detection Systems
  • Education and E-Learning Platforms

The detailed description of the Proactive Data Collection methodology and the customer needs to be addressed by our solution can be found in a separate article.

This material serves as a complete Quick Start Guide, offering detailed instructions on the process of creating, configuring, and utilizing a fleet of bots. It also contains a description of the invaluable personality study outcomes, which these bots facilitate.

We illustrate the capabilities of our solution by showcasing a bot specifically designed for the recruitment of candidates for the role of a Customer Success Manager.

Workflow Steps

1. Create a Chatbot

Enter the dedicated user interface, choose the “Bot” tab on the panel in the top right corner of the screen, and press the button “Create a Bot”.

Sentino Dashboard - Create a Fleet of Psychological Chatbots

2. Configure the Chatbot

Select the bot type (an HR bot in our example) and enter a unique name for it. Add tags to provide extended functionality and better differentiate the existing bots.

Configuring a Chatbot from a Fleet of Psychological Chatbots

Indicate the designation of an open position in the company for which candidates are being recruited, then enter the corresponding job description. Indicate your company name and characteristics. After, use a dedicated field to list the most important questions that you are going to ask. When all of this is done, click the “Save” button.

Feeding a Chatbot with the Job and Company Description

The bot created by you is now displayed in the relevant list of the “Bots” tab within the dashboard. It can be easily deleted if necessary.

List of Available Chatbots from your Fleet of Psychological Chatbots

3. Create an Individual’s Profile

Switch to the “Profiles” tab and create a personality profile of a candidate for the open position, who is currently undergoing assessment. Indicate the candidate’s name and contact e-mail, as well as a brief description that helps to differentiate them from other possible candidates for the same position.

Personality Profile

This profile will be immediately included in the corresponding list in the “Profiles” tab.

List of Personality Profiles

Press the “Explore” button in the relevant string and proceed to the next step.

4. Create an Interview

Press the button “Create Interview”. Create and set up a tailor-made interview for the selected candidate.

Creating an Interview

Please specify whether an email invitation for the candidate’s interview is mandatory and whether a separate evaluation report needs to be provided to the candidate. If you opt to send an email notification to the individual, they will receive the message inviting them to complete the interview.

Setting up Email Notification

Press the “Start” button to initiate the procedure.

Starting the Interview

5. Let the Candidate Pass the Interview

The job candidate receives the link through an email or any other convenient method. Upon clicking the link, they are directed to the subsequent chatbot window, where the interview process commences.

Chatbot Interface Window

Initially, the bot presents the candidate with a series of predetermined questions specified in its settings. Once all the essential answers are obtained, it proceeds to inquire further with additional and clarifying questions. These may include automatically generated queries based on the job and company description, among other relevant aspects.

In conclusion, the bot enables the candidate to pose inquiries regarding the job, the company, and the corporate culture, and promptly offers comprehensive and detailed responses.

Chatbot Answering Your Questions

6. Receive a Holistic Psychological Portrait of the Candidate

The report provides a concise overview of the candidate’s psychological profile for the job. It highlights their key strengths and weaknesses (important areas to pay particular attention to), alongside the Job Fit percentage and follow-up questions requiring further clarification. Relying solely on the responses gathered during the interview, without the need for additional testing, the bot extracts psychologically significant personality insights. Then it constructs a personality profile using scientifically validated inventories. In our example, we utilize the BIG 5 and MBTI questionnaires. However, we provide the flexibility to utilize over 20 validated scales. The complete list of these scales is available here.

We complement the detailed textual descriptions with visual representations of the results. These may include word clouds, various types of diagrams, and other graphical formats. You have the freedom to select these formats based on your personal preferences and specific requirements.

Concise overview of the candidate's psychological profile
Job Fit Score
Detailed Personality Portrait
Personality Cloud

7. Make the Informed and Unbiased Decision

Utilizing the comprehensive information provided, determine the candidate who aligns most closely with the open position and your corporate culture, taking into consideration their personality traits.

Psychological Chatbots – Your Dream Fleet

In conclusion, our fleet of psychological chatbots provides a groundbreaking solution for personality assessment, revolutionizing the way organizations approach data collection. By automating the assessment process and incorporating natural conversation flow, our bots enable efficient and insightful interviewing of individuals across various industries, from talent acquisition in HR to mental health companions and fraud detection systems. You can create as many bots as you need and assign them different tasks.

With our comprehensive Quick Start Guide, you have gained a detailed understanding of creating, configuring, and utilizing a fleet of psychological chatbots. Embrace the power of automation and proactive data collection as you unlock the invaluable outcomes of personality studies facilitated by our innovative solution. Transform your organization’s assessment processes and unlock new possibilities with our psychological chatbots.

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