7 Preliminary IPIP Scales

7 Preliminary IPIP Scales*

The 7 Preliminary IPIP Scales were developed based on the Big Seven model of personality. This seven factor model of personality was proposed by Tellegen and Waller (1987) using the lexical approach. It represents personality traits in terms of seven broad dimensions including positive emotionality, negative emotionality, dependability, agreeability, conventionality, positive valence, and negative valence.

The Big Five model was used as a core. However, the authors claimed that focusing on only the broad Big Five dimensions may ignore variance that is important to a complete description and understanding of personality. As a result, the final two factors labeled Positive Valence (PV) and Negative Valence (NV) represent new dimensions reflecting extremely positive (e.g., describing oneself as exceptional, important, smart) and negative (e.g., describing oneself as evil, immoral, disgusting) self-evaluations, respectively. PV and NV appear to tap maladaptive and extreme personality characteristics that are missing from the Big Five. Generally, the 7 Preliminary IPIP Scales are not only able to measure normal personality, but also incrementally predict personality disorder symptoms, especially for narcissistic and depressive PDs.

For Individuals:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of personality traits
  • More effective navigation of individual differences
  • Identifying areas for self-improvement and seeking specialized assistance

For Companies:

  • Recognizing maladaptive and extreme personality traits
  • Early detection of personality disorder symptoms
  • Facilitating better team dynamics and collaboration
  • Identifying individuals with traits suited for leadership roles
  • Unbiased and informed decision-making in personnel selection

The 7 Preliminary IPIP Scales offer a valuable and comprehensive approach to understanding human personality. They expand personality measurement via capturing additional maladaptive variance beyond the well-established Big Five. The assessment encompasses a broader range of traits, providing individuals and organizations with deeper insights into behavior, motivations, and interpersonal dynamics. For individuals, embracing the nuances of the Big Seven could foster deeper self-knowledge and personal growth. For organizations, it presents opportunities to enhance hiring and employee development practices. Whether for personal growth or professional success, the 7 Preliminary IPIP Scales can serve as a powerful tool in enhancing self-awareness, promoting positive interactions, and fostering an environment of growth and development.

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We use the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) for our testing approach. It’s a collection of items managed by the Oregon Research Institute, freely available to the public. This tool helps us assess personality traits, and because it’s open-source, it promotes broad research and practical use.

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