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Large and medium-sized companies operating in different markets usually have their own HR management departments and experienced HR-specialists accumulating rich candidate databases for all the most important positions within the company. These databases are carefully maintained and regularly updated. They include a big documentation package for each of the candidates ever screened. Among other materials, the archive can contain self-descriptions, answers to various questionnaires or even audio or video records of interviews.

Screening and re-assessment of valuable candidates from the vast database can represent a real challenge. Especially in the context of hiring of specialists for critical positions (e.g. a Lead Marketing Analyst for the Marketing and Sales team of a newly-launched project). The relevant choice is to be made quickly and at a high reliability level. It also should be unbiased.

Manual database analysis is time- and resource-consuming. Fortunately, Sentino is able to propose a high-tech solution helping to save time and money.


The solution is represented by the Interview Scoring API from Sentino. It allows to select 2 to 5 top specialists from 100 to 200+ potential candidates. The whole process includes several steps.

1. Text Scoring

We use AI, NLP and Deep Neural Networks for humanly precise understanding of any text. We transcribe the data selected by the HRs into the text form and score it with our AI-powered API that is developed based on the semantic text analysis. It transforms any unstructured text or individual facts about a person into scores according to grading scales of various scientifically proven psychological inventories (chosen by the customer request). First of all, Sentino API performs the assessment of individual personality traits. There are currently 250+ traites that can be included in the profile and this number is constantly increasing. Moreover, our API is able to specify the statistical confidence level for each assessment. Please see the interview scoring example below.

Abstract from the interview transcript
Fragment of interview scoring

2. Personality Profiling

The analysis performed allows creating of a personality profile for each candidate. This profile includes scores and diagrams, as well as text descriptions and recommendations. It can be easily compared with profiles of other candidates and that of an “ideal” candidate for the position under consideration.

3. Hiring Decision

Based on the report received, the HR Department can conduct the second round of interviews with a strictly limited number of top candidates (usually 2 to 5) and make a final hiring decision. Usually, the subsequent probation period lasting two to three months proves such a decision to be a success.


  • Time and cost saving
  • Effective processing of a wealth of information
  • Validated and globally recognized HR assessment tools
  • Fair and unbiased candidate selection
  • Careful consideration of specific personality traits
  • Perfect company culture fit
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