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Regardless of how far you are with your HR services, AI-powered technologies are always able to give your business a kick. They help to get more power from the available data. Generally, HR professional in companies and recruitment agencies welcome AI technologies, since they can replace human effort in some areas and enable specialists to allocate time to tasks where human interaction is irreplaceable.

Sentino API is both an AI-based personality assessment tool and a reliable solution in the filed of vocational profiling, career choices, and job fit. It can serve as a basis for consulting and unbiased HR decisions. Feed Sentino API with any structured or unstructured natural text (video or audio interview records, self-descriptions, CVs, emails, posts in social media, chat history, forum or blog posts, etc.) and receive a detailed vocational profile of a person including the following:

  1. Vocational type based on the RIASEC model (also known as the “Holland Codes”) and suitability for six different categories of occupations
  2. Personality traits based on the BIG5 model (OCEAN)
  3. Recommendations (the so called Do’s and Dont’s) for HR specialists facilitating onboarding / work performance improvement / employee satisfaction increase with due account of the detected personality type
  4. Possible career choices (if there are several open positions under consideration)
  5. Job fit assessment (match of the person’s profile with the profile of an “ideal” candidate for the position) with indication of statistical confidence level and proper reasoning
AI-powered Sentino Vocational Profiling API

Use our AI-powered semantic
text analysis tool to get
vocational personality profiles

Innovative Components of Sentino Solution

  • Semantic analysis as a fundamental text-mining technology
  • Cutting-edge NLP/ML technologies
  • Continuous research and model re-training for higher accuracy
  • Easy geographical customization (integration of new languages by the request)
  • Remote operation via API with a dedicated user-friendly interface or deployment on premises

Sentino Vocational Profiling – Benefits for HR Specialists

  • Time and resource saving (no need to organize a dedicated vocational testing procedure)
  • Seamless integration of the newly-employed staff
  • Improved workplace performance of each employee or team member
  • Unbiased scientific approach to assessment procedures
  • Statistical confidence level for each individual finding
  • Transparency and result substantiation with raw data

Get vocational profile
for every existing or
potential employee

Sentino Vocational Profiling API - vocational profile for every existing or
potential employee

Nowadays, the importance of vocational profiling and counseling for career choices is often overlooked, ignored or underestimated. Career experts play a significant role in appropriate career selection and planning, but conventional manual methods of vocational profiling prove to be inefficient and ineffective. Make the difference with your passion for technology and boost up performance – choose the intelligent Sentino solution!

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