About Us

About Sentino

We are

a small but highly motivated and quickly developing team of professionals, passionate to bring new AI-powered innovative technologies into Psychology of Personality.

We have

more than 7 years of expertise in AI and ML, Psycholinguistics, Social and IO Psychology, NLP and Deep Neural Networks.

We work

in close collaboration with big and small companies and startups carefully focusing on the customer’s needs in every situation. We develop tools that allow computer to understand human language in psychological context.

Initially, we created a tool for Self-Description Analysis. As a next step, we brought our emotionally intelligent SentinoBot. Today we are ready to go farther and propose powerful psychological Sentino APIs for various markets, application fields and purposes, thus opening up the potential for deeper exploration and understanding of personality.

We offer

  • Personality testing (Big 5, NEO, RIASEC, ORVIS, DISC, etc.)
  • Recognition of emotions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Psychographic segmentation

Our value

is in the narrow focus and experience, which generalist companies cannot offer. Join us and get unbiased personality insights for every client, partner or employee using the most scientifically validated psychological tools!

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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