Self-Description Analysis

Sentino API for Self-Description Analysis

Sentino Self-Description Analysis


Describe yourself in a couple of sentences. Tell about your demographic status, personality or anything important.
This online version has limit of 1000 characters.

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You can describe yourself or another person. The text will be split into sentences and each statement will be classified into 20-30 topics.


{[{ fact.text }]}

Big 5 traits
{[{ x.text }]}

How does it work?

Shortly, the text is split into sentences and each sentence is assigned to about 30 different classes. You are shown what information can be extracted from the passage. In case Big 5 personality information is present, its trait content is shown.

For example: "I am open to new experience" has "O+". "O" means openness and "+" indicates that a person has this trait.

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This tool leverages Sentino API and is used by Sentino Bot.

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