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HR – Fast and Unbiased Automated Hiring Choices

Large and medium-sized companies usually have their own HR management departments and accumulate rich candidate databases for all the most important internal positions. These databases are carefully maintained and regularly updated. They include a big documentation package for each of the candidates ever screened. Among other materials, the archive can contain audio or video records of interviews.
Manual database search and analysis is time- and resource-consuming. Especially in the context of hiring of specialists for critical positions. The relevant choice is to be made quickly and at a high reliability level. It also should be unbiased.
Sentino is able to propose a high-tech solution helping to save time and money.

EdTech – AI-Powered Testing for Personality-Oriented Education

Educational institutions in Germany, including secondary schools, are managed by governments of the relevant federal states. In average, there are above 3,000 of schools in each federal state.
The local government is quite autonomous in dealing with educational issues. Among other things, it determines the academic content of pre-university training in senior secondary schools.
It is considered desirable to implement a standardized procedure for majoring field and academic content selection. However, it represents a challenge, since three equally important aspects – preferences of students, workload of teachers, current and future demand for certain professions – are to be taken into consideration.
The Sentino team is ready to propose a comprehensive solution for this problem.

CRM – Psychological Customer Segmentation on Steroids

Today, any well-established company of a large or medium size uses a CRM system. Among other things, the CRM consistently stores various communications with existing and potential customers (calls, emails, messages and chats from corporate website and social media) in the digital but sometimes poorly structured form.
The data is carefully accumulated while not very much used. However, this archive can become a real competitive advantage.
The idea is to use data to accurately segmentize customers by their demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychological characteristics for better targeting of advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as for sales performance increase.
The possible economically feasible solution is careful automated data processing with the use of Sentino API.

Use AI-powered semantic text analysis to get personality insights

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