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Intelligent SentinoBot for Dynamic Personality Profiling

Manual personality assessments can pose several challenges for employees involved in the process. Conducting assessments manually is often time-consuming, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. This can result in delays in providing feedback and reports, leading to frustration for both the staff and individuals undergoing assessment. Additionally, manual personality assessments can be costly as they require the personnel to spend significant amounts of time and effort conducting assessments, analyzing data, and providing feedback. This can lead to high costs for organizations that may not be sustainable in the long run.

Furthermore, manual personality assessments can be prone to errors and inconsistencies, with each assessor having their own biases and preferences. This can lead to inaccurate assessments that affect the decision-making quality. Moreover, manual operations often provide limited data analysis, which can limit the insights and conclusions drawn from the assessments. This can result in data incompleteness or inaccuracy.

Scaling manual personality assessments can also be challenging, particularly when dealing with large numbers of individuals. This can lead to a backlog of assessments, further delaying feedback and reports.


SentinoBot is an AI-powered chatbot solution designed to automate the whole personality assessment process. It includes advanced algorithms that enable it to quickly search vast customer databases and detect psychologically relevant data wherever it is available, providing a comprehensive overview of the individual’s personality traits.

The SentinoBot solution is also capable of dynamic generation of additional and clarifying questions in order to reveal hidden personality insights, in cases where the data is missing or incomplete. This feature is particularly useful in cases where the available data is insufficient to provide a comprehensive personality profile.

Proactive Data Collection

SentinoBot represents an implementation of our strategic vision of Proactive Data Collection that includes the following:

  • The fullest possible utilization of available (structured and unstructured) data for creation of personality profiles
  • Ongoing determination of data completeness and psychological relevance
  • Dynamic generation of clarifying questions
  • Continuous profile updating with the use of new data

1. Generation of a Personality Profile Based on the Available Data

Personality profile generation is the process of analyzing various types of data, both structured and unstructured, to create a comprehensive profile of an individual’s personality. Structured data used for personality profile generation typically includes answers to standardized questionnaires, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles, while unstructured data includes texts and messages, interviews and conversations, telephone and Zoom calls, audio and video records, customer feedback, social media content, emails, chat history, blog posts, and customer surveys and feedback.

The process of personality profile generation involves the use of advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to analyze the available data and identify patterns and trends related to the individual’s personality traits. The analysis typically includes an assessment of various dimensions of personality based on the wide range of personality inventories.

The resulting personality profile provides valuable insights for informed decision-making in various contexts, such as employee recruitment, customer relationship management, and personal development.

2. Profile Completeness and Relevance Detection

In cases where the available data is incomplete, it may be necessary to ask additional questions and ensure that the resulting profile is accurate and comprehensive.

In order to determine the completeness of the available data, SentinoBot calculates a statistical confidence level for each individual finding. This helps to identify areas where additional data is needed to ensure the relevant accuracy and completeness of the profile. Moreover, SentinoBot also assesses the psychological significance of the available data to ensure that the resulting profile provides meaningful insights into an individual’s personality traits.

3. Dynamic Generation of Additional Questions

The dynamic generation of additional and clarifying questions is an essential feature of SentinoBot that allows for the generation of accurate and comprehensive personality profiles. By leveraging advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques, SentinoBot is able to ask the right questions at the right time, providing valuable insights into an individual’s personality traits that might otherwise be missed.

Our intelligent chatbot solution is an end-to-end data processing platform that is customizable to meet the unique needs of each organization. With its advanced AI capabilities, SentinoBot is able to process large volumes of data quickly and accurately, providing valuable insights and analytics for informed decision-making.

4. Constant Updating of the Personality Profile

Constant updating of the initially created personality profile based on newly-acquired data is critical to ensuring that the resulting insights remain relevant and accurate over time. By integrating new data into the personality profile generation process, organizations can stay up-to-date on changes.

SentinoBot is a powerful AI-powered chatbot solution that streamlines the process of personality assessment by leveraging advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques. It helps organizations to gain valuable insights into an individual’s personality traits and make informed decisions in various contexts. With its ability to detect incomplete data, assess psychological significance, generate additional questions, and dynamically update personality profiles, SentinoBot represents the future of proactive data collection. By choosing SentinoBot, you can improve the overall effectiveness of your business, gain a competitive edge, and drive growth.


Interview Semantic Analysis API from Sentino - Benefits for HRs
  • An army of AI-powered intelligent chatbots in your service
  • No more time input, workload, and costs associated with manual efforts
  • Improved efficiency and scalability of staff activities
  • Informed and unbiased decisions
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