SentinoBot – Dynamic Profiling

Sentino Dynamic Personality Profiling

Recently, our development team has introduced the SentinoBot solution for Dynamic Personality Profiling. This intelligent chatbot is intended for quick automated processing of vast customer databases and intelligent dynamic generation of additional and clarifying questions. Thus, it is able to detect psychologically relevant data wherever it’s available and reveal personality insights even if the data is missing or incomplete.

SentinoBot is an implementation of the Sentino’s long-term strategic vision designated as Proactive Data Gathering. It fundamentally reshapes the way businesses collect and utilize their data.

Proactive Data Gathering includes the following stages.

Stage 1 – The fullest possible utilization of the available (structured and unstructured) customer data for creation of personality profiles

AI-powered semantic analysis of both structured and unstructured customer data based on the cutting-edge NLP/ML technologies and aimed at extracting psychologically meaningful content.

Unlocking valuable insights from texts and messages, interviews and conversations, telephone and Zoom calls, audio and video records, customer feedback, social media content, chat history and blog posts, answers to standardized questionnaires, CVs, LinkedIn profiles.

Generation of comprehensive personality portraits without dedicated testing procedures, time and effort input, or extra costs.

Personality profiles created at this stage are built on the wide range of the most popular and scientifically validated psychological inventories. They deliver personality insights that would be difficult or impossible to discern through traditional personality assessment methods.

Stage 2 – Ongoing determination of data completeness and psychological relevance

The Sentino solution performs the ongoing evaluation of the psychological data obtained for its completeness and relevance. All and any personality-related findings are carefully substantiated by the raw data. In addition, the statistical confidence values are calculated.

Thus, areas requiring additional data are identified. If personality insights appear to be inaccurate or incomplete, the next data gathering and processing stage starts.

Stage 3 – Dynamic generation of clarifying questions

In order to ensure the completeness of personality profiles, the dynamic generation of additional and clarifying questions is employed. The remarkable intelligence of SentinoBot lies in its ability to revisit and delve deeper into unexplored areas, generate insightful questions, and seamlessly integrate new data into existing psychological profiles. The tasks of identifying understudied aspects and generating clarifying questions are fully automated. By leveraging advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques, SentinoBot is able to ask the right questions at the right time, providing valuable insights into an individual’s personality traits that might otherwise be missed.

The chatbot effortlessly maintains a human-like communication style that can engage and delight users. Therefore, the Sentino team has proposed an innovative processing method based on the semantic analysis of question-answer pairs instead of individual items. SentinoBot breaks down the fluent communication into these basic structural units to further improve the analysis accuracy.

Stage 4 – Continuous updating of personality profiles with the use of new data

The existing personality profiles are constantly updated with the use of new data. This stage is critical. It ensures that valuable personality insights delivered by Sentino are always up-to-date.

SentinoBot is a powerful solution that streamlines the process of personality assessment. It helps organizations to gain valuable insights into an individual’s personality traits and make informed decisions in various contexts. With its ability to detect incomplete data, assess psychological significance and relevance, generate additional questions, and dynamically update personality profiles, SentinoBot represents the future of proactive data gathering. By choosing SentinoBot, you can improve the overall effectiveness of your business, gain a competitive edge, and drive growth. Rapid development of technologies is not a threat any more!

Unlock the power of dynamic personality profiling and request your SentinoBot demo today!

SentinoBot – Dynamic Profiling
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