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Free Psychodiagnostic Chatbot from Sentino

Welcome to Sentino’s Psychodiagnostic Chatbot

Sentino offers a powerful tool for personality testing. This innovation combines advanced psychological analytics with natural language processing to provide holistic and unbiased insights into your personality. It is integrated with GPT technologies to enhance large-scale data processing and enable human-like dialogue interactions.

With a comprehensive database of over 250 traits and more than 20 standardized questionnaires, our chatbot offers a detailed and personalized understanding of your unique personality characteristics. Engage in interactive analysis to uncover psychological nuances and receive in-depth assessments tailored to your individual needs.

Key Features

Personality Trait Testing

  • Evaluate specific personality traits represented by personality-related nouns (introversion, emotional stability, etc.), adjectives (careful, kind, etc.) or roles (parent, team leader, etc.).
  • Access over 250 traits for a detailed understanding of your individual characteristics.

Standardized Questionnaires

User Interaction Analysis

  • Analyze user interactions to identify potential psychological issues and areas of interest or improvement.
  • Perform relevant tests based on user input for tailored assessments.

How It Works

As you engage with the chatbot, your requests, statements, and test responses are stored in a unique user profile.

This profile is continuously updated, providing you with a concise summary upon the completion of each test section or the entire assessment procedure. You can also access a detailed psychological profile presented in numerical values, text descriptions, and graphical diagrams.

If the bot has no sufficient data to make a reliable conclusion, it notifies you about a low confidence level and suggests proceeding with testing.

Psychodiagnostic Chatbot - Insufficient Data - Notification on the Low Confidence Level

Your Advantages

Psychodiagnostic Chatbot from Sentino – Advantages

Discover your unique traits and gain deeper self-awareness with Sentino’s psychodiagnostic chatbot. Start your journey towards understanding yourself better today.

Comprehensive and Secure

Our database includes over 250 traits, allowing for an extensive assessment of various personality characteristics. Sentino’s versatile approach covers conventional adjectives, personality nouns, and role-specific traits such as leadership and teamwork. By considering traits in different contexts, Sentino offers highly personalized insights.

Reliable and Confidential

Your data is stored securely and used solely for processing and providing test results. In anonymized form, it helps improve our technological solutions without linking to your personal identity.

Supported Inventories**

Sentino integrates scientifically validated personality inventories, including the Big Five, NEO, HEXACO, RIASEC, ORVIS and ORAIS, Abridged Big Five Dimensional Circumplex, California Psychological Inventory, DISC, and more. These inventories provide a multifaceted portrait of your personality, capturing its nuances and complexities. Our chatbot currently offers more than 20 different questionnaires with the flexibility to incorporate additional ones as needed.

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* Coming soon – we are currently working hard on it!

** Our testing methodology is based on the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), a comprehensive, freely accessible public domain collection of personality-related items, ensuring robust and scientifically validated assessments.

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