Sentino Tools psycho

This pages contains several NLP tools that demonstrate Sentino API in action.

The main purpose of the API is to do Natural Language Processing (NLP) in application to psychology. For example, you can describe yourself in a plain text and get psychological insights (e.g. Big 5 traits).

Self-Description analysis

You have a piece of text where a person describes him/herself? Awesome! you can anylize it easily. The text will be accurately split into meaningful pieces and each analyzed from personality perspective.

The easiest way is to start with yourself. Describe yourself and see Sentino API in action


Self-statement analysis

Write just one statement about self. It will be processed by the Natural Language Processing engine and you will get an extensive psychological portrait consisting of 5 main personality traits, 30 specific facets, adjective cloud and a number of items that can describe you.