Advanced psychological analytics for product developers

We make APIs to extract comprehensive
personality portraits from
any unstructured data

Get reliable AI-powered tools for in-depth understanding of personality in various individual and business contexts and easy integration with existing software platforms in HR management, career counselling, e-learning, dating and many more

Sentino AI for semantic text analytics

We design AI-powered semantic text analysis tools for generation of comprehensive psychological portraits,
offer scalable technical solutions as a basis for unbiased decisions in the realm of personality,
and ensure full customization for any:

➜ Company size
➜ Scope of corporate activities
➜ Unstructured text source and volume

➜ Data output format
➜ Scientifically validated psychological scale
➜ Language

Personality AI for better understanding of your target audience

Integrate Personality AI in Your Business

Use our APIs to understand every individual
and personalize every interaction
with your customers, partners, employees and competitors

Top quality SentinoBot

Intelligent SentinoBot for Dynamic Personality Profiling

A chatbot for quick automated processing of vast customer databases, combined with intelligent dynamic generation of additional and clarifying questions, helps to detect psychologically relevant data wherever it’s available and reveal personality insights even if the data is missing or incomplete

New Sentino Solution

Learn More about the Most Popular Sentino APIs:

  • Text Semantic Analysis API
    Score any unstructured self-description or psychologically meaningful text and get a personality profile based on scientifically proven inventories
  • Interview Semantic Analysis API
    Process an audio or video record of an interview and get unbiased personality insights for quick and reliable decisions in HR management
  • Big 5 Personality Testing API
    Assess your unstructured text archives, get Big 5 personality profiles and customize your communications with every client, partner and employee
  • LinkedIn Personality API
    Score LinkedIn profiles and receive comprehensive personality portraits without a dedicated testing procedure
  • Vocational Profiling API
    Analyze natural text from various sources and receive a detailed vocational profiles of persons
  • Emotion Detection API
    Automatically detect emotions in phone calls, messages, texts or requests and truly listen to your target audience
  • Sentiment Analysis API
    Instantly understand any message polarity, urgency and intentions of a person and prioritize your services and customer support
Best Seller sentino API solution

Meet Our Top Selling Product –
Sentino Interview API

Are you continually researching, developing, and preparing for success?
Activate new business ideas right now!
Get comprehensive personality portraits based on analysis of audio and video records of interviews.
Learn more about Sentino Interview API!

Top selling Sentino Interview API

Benefit from Evidence-based Personality Psychology

Sentino semantic text analytics  - do

➜ Propose research-based product development
➜ Use unbiased scientific approach
➜ Employ semantic analysis for text mining purposes
➜ Comply with the GDPR guidelines

Sentino semantic text analytics  - don't

➜ Use a “black box” principle
➜ Take your data into possession
➜ Store your data
➜ Have limits related to linguistic analysis

Let Your Data Work for You


➜ Calls
➜ Emails, messages, customer feedback, CVs
➜ Chat history from websites and social media
➜ Forum and blog posts
➜ Audio and video records
➜ Surveys
➜ And many more

Use semantic text analytics from Sentino
to Boost Your Business Performance:

Sentino semantic text analytics  for performance boosting up
  • Get a deep understanding of your target audience
  • Identify and interpret emotions to boost your business communication
  • Strengthen image of your company and individual brands
  • Tailor advertising, marketing and sales to individual needs
  • Perform customer segmentation
  • Analyze behavior trends of customers and competitors
  • Identify and address products and services that demand improvement
  • Prioritize your customer support based on sentiment analysis
  • Make your chat-bot empathetic
  • Take unbiased HR decisions
  • Attract and retain talents within your company





Data Safety

Your Data Is Safe:

  • We run communication only through HTTPS
  • We follow the GDPR guidelines to the last word
  • We do not rely on third-party services. The data is all yours

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have unresolved questions?

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