Birth of Sentino

PhD Deniss Stepanovs is our Founder and Product Developer. He is majoring in ML/NLP technologies and has developed multiple effective models in very diverse areas. At the same time, he has always been passionate about psychology and human personality.

Sentino is a blend of a cutting-edge AI solution and personality psychology. It all started as a non-profit chatbot helping people to explore their personality. Over time, the solution transformed into a powerful analytical tool served as API. It allows to better understand people from various perspectives: values and needs, behaviour trends, vocational and avocational interests, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Today Sentino is a commercial project intended to bring data-driven personality insights into business communications and everyday life.

Sentino Milestones

2018 –Product development start
2020 –Fully functional product range
2022 –Entry to the market

Vision Statement

As of now, we have unique products, which are independently developed by us from scratch and are already selling themselves. However, we continuously keep researching and upgrading the products, striving for high accuracy and reliability. We are also working on refining of our marketing strategy and looking for investors to grow our business. In the nearest future we are going to scale up and enter new markets.

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