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SentinoBot is an Artificial Intelligence-powered psychological chatbot designed to understand human psyche and help humans to understand themselves. It is a unique conversational agent that can process human language especially when it comes to describing personality. SentinoBot is constantly learning and aims at becoming a non-biased helper for different people and purposes.
SentinoBot is easy to manipulate: start with “Hi” and follow the tutorial. Within answering specific questions you will get the description of your personality. You can also ask SentinoBot questions about your character and get some predictions on your personality traits. For example, you can ask how friendly you are - SentinoBot will ask you related questions and then explain to you, to what extent you can be considered a friendly person.
SentinoBot asks people questions, collects information, structures the provided data to build a personal profile. The profile is constantly enriched - it will be as precise, as many questions you’ll answer. What is more, SentinoBot uses information that people provide for its self-training. Almost with every person processed, it becomes smarter and understands people better.
First of all, SentinoBot is for people who are keen on exploring themselves and their personality. Secondly, it can be used by various specialists to have a pre-test of their clients on the personality traits and peculiarities (HR-managers, psychologists and psychotherapists).
SentinoBot is totally free!
You can chat with SentinoBot by logging into Facebook Messenger platform (learn more about Facebook privacy policy). You can also chat with SentinoBot on our webpage - the page will store a current session (your Facebook profile will not be connected with it).
All data is kept on highly secured servers. No one except you has access to your profile (unless you share the link to it). The data can be used only for research purposes on an anonymous basis. That means that all private data will be removed and it will be impossible to establish the connection to the real person. You can read about our Privacy Policy on
In the core of the bot there is a huge dataset of the most reliable personality tests. The results are processed in such a way that you get not only your personal result, but see how it is related to other people’s results. For example, if your result on extraversion is 60% it means that you are more extraverted than 60% of the population.
Your results (scores) are presented in percent as percentiles. It shows, how high your score is in comparison to other people. For example, if your result on introversion is 60%, it means that you are more introverted than 60% of the population.
You can type profile while chatting with SentinoBot and it will provide you with the link to your profile.
If you want to remove everything, just tell the bot so, by typing remove me. All your data will be completely deleted. However, if you type remove link, only the link to the profile will be removed. This ensures that you can come back to filling in your profile later and no one will have access to your profile.