SentinoBot - An AI-powered psychological chatbot


Generally, a chatbot is the software that simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages on chat. Its key task is to help users by providing answers to their questions. SentinoBot is an AI-powered psychological chatbot, specifically developed to understand people.

The core of the bot is represented by a huge dataset of the most reliable personality tests. The input data is processed in such a way that you get both your personal result and its comparison with other people’s results. For example, if your score on extraversion is 60% it means that you are more extraverted than 60% of the population.

Another function of SentinoBot makes it really outstanding – it is able to understand and process human language when it comes to describing personality. So, if you ask the bot questions about yourself, it can make some predictions on your personality traits.

You can talk to SentinoBot right now!

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